Food Grade Grease and Lubricants


Food Grade Grease and Lubricants

Higex, through a partnership with the American company JAX, brought to the Brazilian market its products that have one of the most respected brands in the world in Food Grade Grease and Lubricants. JAX has products for the most diverse industrial segments such as:


Refrigerators – Cryovac Equipment, Saws and Knives, Air Line, Chains, Centrifuges, Overhead Conveyors, Bearings, Vacuum Pump, Ovens, Tray Makers, Hydraulic Systems, Cooling Spiral, Gear Boxes, Grinding Systems, Burger Machines , Ammonia Cooling Systems, Air Compressors.


Dairy – Air Systems, Separators, Homogenizers, Bearings, Air Line, Gearbox, Fillers, Sealers, Air Compressors.


Bakery – Proofer Chamber, Flour Distributor, Air Line, Chains, Slicers and Separators, Bearings, Release Agents, Mixer, Gear Boxes, Ammonia Cooling Systems, Air Compressor, Fruits and Vegetables, Hydraulic Systems, Peelers Fruits, Rotary Cookers, Homogenizers, Chains, Bearings, Gear Boxes, Palletizer, Depalletizer and Air Compressors.


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