Higex sets a new standard for solving problems related to microbiological control. Innovative by mission, its production process is the result of the continuous search for unique technology and permanent investments in research and development.



Present in the Brazilian market for two decades, HIGEX has become a reference in the manufacture and supply of products for microbiological control in the food industry and in industries from other sectors that need some microbiological control in their process and/or storage. In addition to manufacturing, we have a highly qualified and trained team to meet the most diverse needs of its customers, instructing, training and aligning processes to achieve the best result in the control of pathogenic microorganisms.
In 2018, we began the search for commercial partners in Latin and Central American countries, and today we are already present in some countries on that continent, serving small, medium and large companies from the most diverse industrial segments.
This was possible due to the innovative products we have in our portfolio, the technology of our manufacturing process and the knowledge of our technical and commercial team.
And Higex continues to grow. We will have news soon that will make up the history of our company in the future. This history being made with a lot of work, dedication and respect for customers.

Higex Learning


HIGEX is in a continuous process of developing new technologies, offering specialized product lines designed for the concept of “Smart Cleaning”.
Smart Cleaning means combining the technologies offered by HIGEX with the needs of customers in industrial processes in general, promoting the control of microorganisms – bacteria, fungi and viruses – through the use of innovative products and technologies.
Our products are developed to meet the standards required for perfect cleaning and sanitization, thus increasing productivity, reducing costs and ensuring results with safety and reliability.


Applied Knowledge and Technical Training
For us it is essential that we are always learning and sharing knowledge.
“Learning”, as our base is the search for new knowledge and this promotes one of our great differentials, the quality and excellence of our services.
And “sharing knowledge”, as our team is responsible for following up on customers’ after sales, providing periodic training to the Sanitation and Quality Teams.
In addition to training, we also offer Technical Workshops with speakers who have experience and specific knowledge in the area, addressing topics of technical interest to customers.
The HIGEX LEARNING tool aims to contribute with technical knowledge through professionals specialized in the subjects covered, with the objective of exchanging technical information applied to the prevention of problems related to the control of microorganisms in the production process, and in this way, promoting the quality of the products.

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